"Edgewood is the brain child of Jonny "Hammersticks" Hall. A band that represents the daily struggles of the common man. The experience of finding a positive out...look in a world with dark edges. We write about what we know.

"After some minor member adjustments, Edgewood has molded into the band we are today. Four dudes who love nothing more than to have a hell of a good time playing punk rock. We grew up on punk rock and want to continue the spirit of the scene by doing what must be done. Writing and playing fun punk rock jams."

Band members:

Jon - Guitar & Vox,
Greg - Bass,
Korey - Drums & Vox


The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters specialize in rock, punk rock, and pop.­

Band members:­

Wes Griffith - Guitars / Vocals
Tommy Presite - Bass
Logan Betz - Drums­

Speaking of Logan, his company  is Rock Paper Records which represents Edgewood, The Super High-Tech Jet Fighters, and The Teeth--which also has their music at our store.

Rock Paper Records is a mostly digitally-based record label, with offices in Harrisburg, PA and Nashville, TN. We provide representation, management, development, and more, along with an understanding of where our bands and artists strive to be, guiding their careers to the next “stepping stone” in their ever-changing and developing careers.

We are “music nerds” with a deep appreciation for music and want to see the “little guys and gals” succeed. Our company has a grassroots based philosophy: provide the best results that grow relationships and garnish the lowest costs, while having fun, being ourselves, and growing our culture, all the while sustaining community engagement and being environmentally conscious.

The marriage between internet technology and music evolution, and mixing that with our team’s passion, experience, and determination, allows RPR to become a powerful force in being the spokespersons for the bands and artists trying to fight their way to where they want to be. Our goal is to get you to your musical goals.


Anna Connolly, who hails from Alexandria Virginia (just outside of Washington DC, visited recently and left behind some of her music for those who missed the show. Check out her music!



"Acoustic Moose" Linda and Tim, a Rock/Blues couple who have appeared on the RecordSmith stage more than once. "Squirrel" is Anna, a 12-year-old percussion prodigy who has also graced our stage. Together they are Accoustic Moose & Squirrel.


James Klippel aka Wintr Pvrks music consists of Dream Pop, Alternative, Soundscape, with James on All Instruments, Vocals, Production, Mixing & Mastering.

Here's James' story...
"I’ve been a musician - writing and recording music - since 2013. Before I moved to Marysville, just outside of Harrisburg, I was reluctant even to listen to music on the radio. Something changed in my life and since then I’ve felt a natural attraction to creating music and experiencing music. What you’ll hear in my music are subjects about my life, either fictitious events or things that happened. While it’s all written through my perspective, the beautiful thing is that each individuals listening experience will create its own perspective.

"I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you."

You've seen these bands at nearby venues--including some on the RecordSmith stage--but many have reach far beyond

Central Pennsylvania! Fortunately for us, their music is available at  RecordSmith in Mechanicsburg.


Colby Dove aka "The 12 String Wonder of The world" has appeared on our stage more often than any other performer. His music ranges from Original Compositons to Classic Rock and Blues.  He's a dynamic entertainer who presents an experience made all the more memorable by Dove's Eye View Photography, spearheaded by his wife Heather!


Riders are a father/son duo (Terry and Eric respectively) who host several open mic experiences a week at various locations in Central Pennsylvania--including Recordsmith. Their Classic Rock & Country Rock performances are part of the experience too.  


Big Thanks to The Challenged for travelling from New York City to put on one kick-ass show and thanks to Jonny, Greg, and Korey, the guys at Edgewood, for inviting them to our stage!


Shane Anthony, Matthew Banks, and Keith Horning are Clark's Secret Identity! They've appeared on the RecordSmtih page twice and we'll be profiling them in the near future. Here they describe the origins of the name...