Indiggo Twins


About the Grammy nominated Artists Indiggo Twins - multitalented Performers


• “Sensational voices” (BILD, Germany)

• “Manna from heaven, a divine chance for movie and theatre, complete Artists” (7 Plus, Bucharest)

• “Double Marvel Voices” (Express, Germany)

• "Indiggo Twins among the best 20 white vocals in the Rap History" (Complex Magazine, USA)

•"Mihaela and Gabriela are two of the most hardworking, passionate artists I have ever met. The girls are a triple threat as writers, artists and actresses. " (Imagem, USA)

• “Twins steal show at VF bash” (New York Post / Page Six)
• “Rorbert De Niro gets love from actress twins Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea at the Vanity Fair party” (Daily News)

• “De Niro meets Dracula’s Girls” (The New York Times)
• “Fireworks full of life, erotism and talent” (BILD, Germany)
• “Unique phenomenon in the international entertainment field” (Jurnalul National, Bucharest)

• “Der neue Doppelstern” / “The New Twin Stars” (Sony BMG Germany)

• “The Miracle Twins – Double Talent” (Actualitatea Muzicala, Bucharest)
• “Extraordinary actresses” (7 plus, Bucharest)
• “The future is in Indiggo” (Tricolorul, Bucharest)
• “On the Cover: INDIGGO TWINS” (Talent In Motion, New York) 

• “Lolitas from Dracula’s Land” (Popcorn magazine, Germany) 


About the Indiggo Twins

Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea are Romanian-born American professional actresses, singers, writers/songwriters, composers, music producers, dancers, choroegraphers, fashion designers and painters based in New York City. Together they make up the duo Indiggo Twins. Their roots are in Transylvania, Romania. Both twins majored in Acting, having graduated from the National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts of Bucharest with maximum credits; they played the leads in the award-winning musical "The Two Orphans", and in several other theatre plays following which they attended acting courses in Cologne-Germany and New York.


The twins were featured and credited as writers and performers on the multi-platinum and 4-time Grammy award-winning album "Watch The Throne" by Jay-Z and Kanye West, specifically on "Murder To Excellence" reviewed as "the centerpiece of the album". The twins are in production for their "Wicked Clone" Broadway musical which is entirely written, composed, choreographed by them and based on Mihaela's realism novel “Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil”, a Barnes and Noble art bestseller.


In the US Indiggo twins have worked with top music producers Swizz Beatz, Peter Zizzo, Rockwilder, Paul Oakenfold. Gabriela plays the piano while Mihaela plays the guitar, they speak four languages and can sing in seven. Mihaela is the fashion designer of the duo whereas Gabriela is the music producer. The twins have written together over 300 songs. 


Personalities & Fans on Indiggo Twins:

Paul Sorvino, Actor (“Goodfellas”):

“The twins Indiggo’ abilities as writers, musicians and performers are quite exceptional and exceedingly rare in ones as young as they both are. I believe that their versatility and talent will make them both very successful in America.” 

Dieter Bohlen, the most successful European Music Producer (Bonnie Tyler, Modern Talking)

"The twins have got sensational voices and a double strong will to succeed. I have seen lots of young artists in the music-biz, but not even 3% have got their enthusiasm. Show me other twins as gorgeous and talented as them”. 

Lee Evans, Music Producer (Cindy Lauper, Mark Anthony, Queen Latifah, Harry Belafonte, Wu Tang Clan):

“I am hoping for Indiggo to be the next major success story to come out as they are extremely hardworking, talented, and gifted artists. Artists of this caliber are what the American music industry and pop culture of today is sorely missing. They have a very unique style of entertainment that will cater to a broad base young American market.” 

Richard Stumpf, President of Imagem Music USA:

“Mihaela and Gabriella are two of the most hardworking, passionate artists I have ever met. It doesn't surprise me that their talent and drive were recognized by Swizz, Jay-Z, and Kanye when they opted to use them on the Watch the Throne album. The girls are a triple threat as writers, artists and actresses. We are all excited for their upcoming musical and TV show.” 

Debbie Ganz, Owner of TWINS TALENT, NYC:

“From the minute we met, Mihaela & Gabriela, the “Indiggo” twins, we knew that they had a tremendous future for themselves in the United States. It is very rare that we meet twins that are not only beautiful, but they are talented, they sing, they act, they model, they speak several languages and much more. They don’t need to be triplets for us to call them a Triple threat. Not only are Mihaela & Gabriela great actresses, but they are very bright ladies. We have met 100,000 families of twins around the world and we recognize talent with a “special niche.” Twins Talent is lucky to have them as part of our world of twins and we would love for them to expand their talents here in the US. They are many twins & multiples around, but the INDIGGO twins will leave you with the lasting impression.” 


Raj Das, Partner, Global Head of Digital Practice - Strategy Consulting | Retained Search | Venture Capital:

“Mihaela and Gabriela are the two most talented and wonderful individuals I have met in my 20 year career in New York City. They are the original writers, composers, and producers of their incredible gypsy like revolutionary performances that enchant and mesmerize the audience to a world of magical possibilities. Growing up since the age of six on amazing musical talent, they have enraptured the difficult world of New York City with appearances on the most amazing stages. Their beauty, poise, grace, talent, and humanity are unparalleled on every count. The identical twins who can compose original scores, write amazing verses of literature, and recite Shakespeare like no one else!! Beyond all their talents, these twins are amazingly wonderful human beings who love life and live to love. If sensuality is at the core of their juxtaposition of Madonna and Lady GaGa dance movements, spirituality is the deep root that drives them to inspire their audience to a new realm of eternal possibility. Indiggo Twins is prepared to take on the world of art and entertainment in a fashion that has not existed in decades. They are destined for greatness as their perfect storm is coming together in a huge way!”

“Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea are two exotically beautiful artists and performers. Born in Romania, they have become American citizens after having obtained the Visa for Extraordinary Abilities. Their beauty, talents, and style are made for the global pop scene. They are two divinely inspired Artists born to entertain the world with timeless music and art that emanate from their pure heart and soul. They are also two wonderful human beings who live and labor for their unbound creative talents with pure passion, tireless dedication, and utmost humility.”

On YouTube:

“I have been blessed and fortunate to know Mihaela and Gabriela, two incredibly talented and versatile musical personalities, widely known as Indiggo Twins. Their "Cover Me" song is full of pastoral warmth, divine inspiration, and heart soothing voice. When the world around us today seems so much in turmoil, Indiggo Twins are inspired by the Almighty himself to draw us closer to the eternal blessing and truth. Let this enchanting lyric and melody transform your own holiday season into a beautiful winter wonderland while transporting you into a magical kingdom of love and beauty. ” 

Paul Smith, Owner/Founder at Recordsmith of Pennsylvania:

“The Indiggo Twins are singers, songwriters, dancers, choreographers, models, actors, poets, and ambassadors of optimism. It's been my pleasure to help to spread the word about these two who's multiple talents include an ability to interact equally with everyone from major celebrities to the average person on the street. I strongly recommend that you consider them for any project that includes some or all of the above qualities.” 

Keith Hurd, Executive Producer, Broadway Channel:

“I look forward to a long lasting professional relationship with Indiggo and introducing a large public to their music and electric live performance star power.” 

Sony BMG Germany:

“Germany is proud when the twins Mihaela and Gabriela are in the country. There is no

wonder! Twin sisters named Indiggo do not only look like international models, but they are also plentifully blessed with musical talent.”

Joseph C. Alexander, CEO at Black Merchants LLC, New York:

“I had the pleasure of meeting the Indiggo Twins a couple of years back. We had a jam session and made music together for a while. They are brilliant and talented girls, with many talents, and I hope to experience the beautiful spirits of Mihaela & Gabriela. They are truly two of a kind.”