Annalisa Pompeo


Translated from Italian...

"There is this difference between love and music: love cannot give the idea of ​​music, music can give the idea of ​​love. (H. Berlioz) Other Names Alis Nickname Favorite Quotes "In madness there is a pleasure that only fools know" J. Dryden "But never been a blue calm sea I have always been a storm "S. Nicks "Proceed without road on the narrow path and you will find the desert trail" M. Eckhart "We both know what memories can bring, they bring diamonds and rust" J. Baez "Have you ever loved my heart? And how could it have been if you haven't known beauty until this moment" W.Shakespeare "..but fire thought she'd really rather be water instead" T. Amos "If it has never been new and never gets old, then it is a folk song ...". Llewyn Davis "I bear the name of all the baptisms, every name is the seal of a pass for a ford, a land, a cloud, a song, a diamond hidden in the bread, for a single sweet mood of blood, for the same reason as the journey : travel "F. De Andrè "Then I'll stand on the ocean until I start sinkin ', but I'll know my songs well before I start singin'" B. Dylan "If you see a slave sleeping, don't wake him, he could dream of freedom." K. Gibran "The essential is invisible to the eyes" A. de Saint-Exupéry "Llegó con tres heridas: la del amor, la de la muerte, la de la vida." M. Hernàndez


Annalisa hails from Italy but has spread her music throughout the Eastern and Western regions of the world. From Russia to RecordSmith (in Mechanicsburg, PA) she's presented her unique mix of indie rock, pop, and folk with a classically trained sensibility. Her third album--the first English language--is apply titled Resonance.